Romantic Handmade Mosaic Glass Candle Holders Decorative Household Ornaments Candle Holders

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Romantic ambiance maker - Put a candle into the glass bowl, the light passes through the glass bowl and colorful fragment, refract out magic various color light, best helper makes a proposal and vow in darkness.

Handmade Artwork - This beautiful candle holder is made of hundreds of small glass colorful fragments pasted on a glass bowl, all texture was handmade, light a candle within to create a wonderful glow full of warm ambiance.

Safety Refractories Material - Candleholder was made of natural material, glass, gypsum, lime, and other healthy material, even place real paraffin candle in and it will be still safe, the inner candle is low-power and low-heat, never worry about fire.

Not Only a Candle Holder - Beautiful design pattern, not just a candle holder, but also can be used as potted plants bowl/makeup holder, office pen holder, add beautiful colors to your desk, dressing table, and window sill.

Wedding, Parties & Home Decor - Glass votive candle holders are the perfect touch to add glow and elegance to your event and or home. for experts artisans great for bedroom, living room, table decoration.
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