Multifunctional Cat Stand

$34.99 $19.99
color :
5 PCS(all color)

    • 😽Cat Desk Accessories:This is a novel and fun desktop decoration, super cute cat, with enchanting posture, let you feel a little relaxed outside the troublesome work.
    • 😹Headphone Desk Holder:Are you still worried that your wireless earphones are out of place? This sexy cat will help you hold it, which is both good-looking and convenient.
    • 😽Pen Holder for Desk Cute:This is a good-looking desk stationery, you can put pens, data cables, and other small things. More usefulness, waiting for you to develop more usefulness.
    • 😹DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY: Made of high quality PVC, they are Drop Resistant and Easy to Rinse. Their Unique Shape allows you to Quickly Find it as well as the Airpods. Especially suitable for Forgetful or Childlike you.
  • Color: Black,White,Orange,Gray,White&Orange
  • Size: 2.09 IN
Multifunctional Cat Stand
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