Baby Carrier Kangaroo Shirt

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😘💕💕that lets dad feel close to our little one Enjoy the baby breathing and heartbeat on your chest🤱🎉🎉🎉

It also would fit your pets 

😂 😂This T-Shirt Lets New Parents Carry Their Baby Around Like A Kangaroo!😂 😂

Kangaroo Pocket T-shirt wants to make babywearing easy for parents.

The Dad Shirt features a slim fit similar to normal men’s t-shirts and a breathable mesh panel between belly and baby that encourages bonding. It’s also available for moms! 

It only takes seconds to mount your baby inside, just open up the pocket and place your baby inside.

 There's no wrapping, adjusting, buckling, or tying anything to get it to work. Just slip your newborn in your giant kangaroo-like front pocket and be on your way.

Main Features

  • PROMOTE ACTIVE BONDING: This is a revolutionary skin-to-skin bonding shirt for father&mother&child.
  • ❤BUILT FOR COMFORT: These high-quality, easy to wear shirts are the most comfortable baby wraps/t-shirts on the market!
  • ❤HIGH-QUALITY & SAFE MATERIALS: This Kangaroo Care bonding shirt is made with quality imported fabrics.
  • ❤STYLISH & ERGONOMIC: Each shirt is made to fit comfortably, feel lightweight and look great at home or in the hospital!
  • ❤BONDING SCIENTIFICALLY NECESSARYSkin to skin contact helps stabilize heart rate, crying & improve breathing patterns.

                Product Specifications

                • Material: Cotton
                • Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL
                • Weight: 140g-240g
                • Color: Black/Gray

                          Package includes

                          • Baby Carrier Kangaroo Shirt x 1


                                Customer Reviews

                                Based on 5 reviews

                                This shirt is amazing. After receiving it I now buy it for ALL baby showers and new moms. I've had 3 people say it was a lifesaver and the best gift ever. ESPECIALLY wonderful gift for preemie moms!!!


                                My dog & I Love this shirt.


                                I love the look and feel of this shirt and it works very well as a hands free carrier.


                                The shirt fits well and it is liked by anyone that sees my husband wear it.

                                Rames R.

                                The shirt comes in really handy when you're needing to get stuff done around the house and hold the baby.

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