BabyFeet Adorable Animals - Non-Slip Baby Shoe-Socks

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Your Babies First Steps Are Precious, Support Them In A Safe And Healthy Way

BabyFeet shoes are specifically designed to be flexible and mimic being barefoot. Helping your little ones feel the ground with every step, encouraging them to walk safely, confidently AND promoting healthy development of their motor skills, foot muscles and leg muscles.


Big Toe Box, Stretchable Top, Super Comfy & Fits Perfectly

The key to a comfortable and natural walk is the right fit.

BabyFeet’s knitted stretchable fabric makes them perfect for literally all foot shapes & sizes. Their cotton fabric is breathable and does not crush the top of their feet or leave red ring marks around their ankles (a sign of restricted blood flow).

The big toe box allows enough space for your little one's free toe movement supporting cognitive and motor skills development.

Say buh-bye to all sorts of painful chafing. Your baby’s feet are finally in the right shoes!



Suitable For All Foot Shapes & Sizes

Perfect for wide, chunky or narrow feet! The stretch of the knitted top allows them to take the shape of the kiddo’s feet, no matter the size.


Slip Them On & Off In 2 Seconds

No more stuffing around with laces or buckles, slip these on in seconds like a sock and get all the protection of a shoe.


Supports Natural Feet Development

Perfect for developing feet since the flexible sole allows the foot to flex and move as it should.


Worn Indoors & Outdoors

The rubber bottom curls up over their toe and heels and wraps it well to keep your kiddo’s toes safe from stubbing.



Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Do I need to wear socks too?

BabyFeet products are essentially a combination of both socks and shoes. There’s really no need to wear socks with our slippers. That said, our products can be worn with or without socks. It’s really just a matter of personal preference and comfort.


Can the shoes be worn in cold and wet weather?

Yes, BabyFeet slippers are designed to keep your little one’s feet warm all year round. In addition, we also have products that are specifically designed for winter use.


Are the shoes compatible with wide and/or chunky feet?

One of the most dynamic things about BabyFeet shoes is that our footwear is designed to accommodate the growing foot size of our little ones. The lightweight and flexible sole of our shoes, combined with the materials it's made from, allow our products to easily adjust for all foot shapes and sizes.


What’s the estimated time for delivery?

The exact date of delivery will be determined by your shipping address. However, our products typically take between 9 - 13 working days to reach your door.